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Belle-Baie follows the lazy ebb and flow of daily life in a small Acadian seaside town as its residents search for their place in the grand scheme of things. Belle-Baie has survived through the years on traditional fishing and tourism jobs, as well as the resourcefulness of its local entrepreneurs. These are proud, committed people who don't hesitate to join hands when their community hits troubled waters. Starring: Pascale Bussières, Jean-François Pichette, Christian Essiambre, Viviane Audet, Maude Guérin, Gilbert Sicotte, Marc Paquet, Mélanie Maynard, Micheline Lanctôt, Hélène Florent, Denis Bernard, Emmanuel Bilodeau and many more Writers: Renée Blanchar and Brigitte D'Amours Director: Renée Blanchar Producers: Cécile Chevrier and Josée Vallée Produced by: Productions Phare-Est and Cirrus Communications

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