• Comedy
BARMAN12 five-minute episodes The first five episodes will go online on Thursday, March 31, and the next seven on Tuesday, April 12.* Storyboard and dialogue: Raphaël Codebecq, Steve Laplante, Thomas Levac, Maxime Caron, Philippe Gendron and Alexandre Riendeau Director: Sébastien Gagné Producers: Micho Marquis-Rose, Marleen Beaulieu and Jean-François Boulianne Production: Attraction Images and ICI Alex is a former child star who has written off acting after starring in a terrible pizza commercial back in 2005—and paying a big price for it! After finding real work running a neighbourhood bar, Alex believes his chance has finally come to rejoin the real world through a life of hard work and anonymity. Little does he suspect, however, that he is about to become the confident, scapegoat, psychiatrist and guardian angel of a whole posse of celebrities from the industry he left long ago. Alex proves to be the ideal person to listen to the torments of his famous customers and his best friend Sébastien, who dreams of making it big in show business despite his repeated setbacks. His crises only provide fodder for sarcastic comments from Myriam, the waitress that Alex is in love with. This new series stars Martin Laroche (Alex), Vincent Fafard (Sébastien) and Sonia Cordeau (Myriam). They are joined from time to time by various high-profile figures, including André Robitaille, Jacques L'Heureux, Jonathan Roberge, Mariana Mazza, Debbie Lynch-White, Jean-Sébastien Girard and Frédéric Savard, Pierre-François Legendre, Magalie Lépine-Blondeau, Simon-Olivier Fecteau, Julianne Côté, Fabien Dupuis, Élyse Aussant and Antoine Vézina. *Subject to change without notice.​​​​

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