• Factual
  • Season 6
  • 22 episodes X 60 minutes

Who's going to take the highly coveted champion's chair this year?

Fast-paced game show AU SUIVANT is back for a sixth season as host Stephane Bellavance deftly puts contestants' general knowledge and sense of humour to the test. Once again this year, contestants sit two metres apart in the game zone, ready to tackle the rapid-fire series of questions on different topics: nature, history, music, sports, geography, cinema, science, you name it. Get set for the unexpected twist! Three correct answers out of four, and it's money in the pot and the chance to play again, but if not — bring on the next contestant!

To take home their winnings, the champion who holds off all challengers will still have to face the Grand Jeu du 21, where it's the wrong answer that reaps the rewards. Can you thwart your own reflexes and proudly answer incorrectly 21 times?


Stéphane Bellavance


Productions Pixcom


Fall 2021 - Winter 2022


Friday 9 PM


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