• Factual
  • Season 9
  • 12 episodes X 60 minutes

It's a game with not one, but a long lineup of contestants waiting to “come on down” and answer some general-knowledge questions on their way to a spot in the final round.

When contestants are called to the game zone, they have to correctly answer a series of four questions. If they fail? Bring on the next contestant! If they pass? They get to choose a cylinder containing an amount of prize money that gets added to their pot. They also have to decide whether to keep playing for more cash, or stop and take up the acting champion's chair. They then become the contestant to beat.

The contestant who holds off all challengers to the highly coveted champion's chair will move on to the final round for a chance to take home the amount in their pot – which could grow even bigger. Lining up has never been this exciting!


Stéphane Bellavance


Productions Pixcom


Spring-Summer 2024


Thursday, 8 PM


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