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In his own inimitable way, Claude Meunier serves up the comedy Adam et Ève, which portrays a modern couple at three different stages of life – when they've just met, when they've become parents and, finally, in their sunset years. Played by Pierre-François Legendre and Sophie Cadieux, who change their appearance to match the age of their characters, our “Adam and Eve” at 25, 45 and 80 live in the same era and in the same triplex! Drawing on funny and apropos observations, Claude Meunier takes a facetious, yet at times tender, look at what happens when love is subject to the onslaught of time. Most of us go through similar chains of events from youth to old age – being single, becoming a parent, and then watching our world crumble in old age. Might as well look on the bright side and have a laugh!


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