• Documentary

À NE PAS FAIRE À LA MAISONA total of 40 four-minute episodes Episode 1-2-3 are available online and 10 new episodes will be online in February 2017* Host: Jade Charbonneau Co-hosts and experts: Stéphane Brouillard and Jimmy Sévigny Writers: Fabien Fauteux, Micheline Sylvestre and Marie-Ève Belleau Bérubé Directors: Marc Carbonneau and Vali Fugulin Producers: Ian Quenneville and Isabelle Fortier Production: Toast This series for young people explores and demystifies questions that pop up in their everyday lives—questions like why do some candies tingle on your tongue? Why can you hold a battery without getting a shock? Can marker doodles on a table be erased? All that and much more! In every episode, young actress Jade Charbonneau, who made a name for herself in NOUVELLE ADRESSE, receives a question from a child on her tablet. To get the answer, she meets with an expert who provides the first part of the answer verbally and then rounds out the response with an experiment that viewers definitely should not try at home! *Subject to change without notice.​​​​


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