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 100% LOCAL is a way for four contributors – from the West, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic – to promote their region's hidden gems in fun, unpredictable ways. Host Nicolas Ouellet is sometimes forced to make tough choices from among all the treasures his colourful collaborators unearth. Who will win over the host by coming up with weird objects, little-known places, noteworthy personalities or unique trends from their part of the country? 100% LOCAL is backed by a pumped and primed team. Young host Nicolas Ouellet has already distinguished himself on ICI Radio-Canada, TVA, Vrak and ICI ARTV. Our four challengers are actors known for their improvisational skills—fortunately for us, because they're going to need every trick up their sleeves to promote their home regions. They are Laura Lussier (West), Vincent Poirier (Ontario), Tammy Verge (Quebec) and Christian Essiambre (Atlantic).​​​​ With segments like la boîte à surprise [surprise!], tu tombes en panne à... [breakdown in …], la guerre des clochers [duelling bell towers], le top du top [absolute tops], la transcanadienne [Trans-Canada], you'll learn about what's trending, highlight-reel events, strange objects, places to discover – always presented in a laid-back, slightly wacky way.​​​​

​​​​ *Subject to change without notice.​​​​


Nicolas Ouellet


Sunday 2 PM*


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