Documentary Channel is a subscription channel that brings cutting-edge and award-winning documentaries to viewers across Canada.

It showcases the best documentaries from Canada and around the world. The channel highlights the work of legendary film-makers and journalists, broadcasting films from the archives of its partners, the CBC and the National Film Board of Canada.

Viewers can find top quality documentaries on any subject, be it history, politics, culture, sports, adventure or social issues. Documentary Channel is perfect for reaching families that are educated, well-off and interested in discovery.

University graduate
Household income $125K - $150K
The main shopper in the household

Source: Numeris TV Meter Data, %Ind + AMA (000) Comp of CBC News Network and indexed to Total TV M-Su 2a-2a, Sep 9, 2019 to Dec 8, 2019, Total Canada.


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