A themed portal dedicated to buying local

This January on Radio-Canada.ca, we're launching ICI L'ACHAT LOCAL: a new themed portal featuring credible Radio-Canada content on the topic of buying local.

Les Locavores—three popular, trusted on-air personalities—will join the adventure: Kevin Raphaël, Laurence Bareil and Alexandre Despatie.

They are committed to highlighting the expertise of local brands and to producing original content for our clients!

A winning partnership for your brand:

• ASSOCIATE your brand with foodie contributors who are tuned into the buy-local movement.

• BOOST your brand in a unique and credible environment.

• PROMOTE your brand through targeted topics.

• TELL your story in different formats.

• EXPAND your target audience.

*”Buying local” = products and services headquartered in Canada.


Contact our team to learn more about available opportunities.


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