The Importance of Trust

What to do when brands hit pause on hate

As the prevalence of hate speech continues to proliferate on social platforms, many companies are rethinking how they spend their dollars, including some of the largest advertisers in Canada. The resulting boycotts are in response to the belief that these platforms allow for the spread of fake news, leading to dangerous outcomes. This swift action by advertisers underscores the importance for brands to reflect on their own corporate values when deciding with whom, and where, they want to invest their marketing dollars. For companies who list trust, integrity and honesty at the core of their values, the media they use to share their brand messages, should be aligned with those values.

CBC/Radio-Canada continues to be the leader in trust. For the second year in a row, CBC was named the Most Trusted Media Brand in Canada by the Gustavson Brand Trust survey. This survey highlights that social media is less trusted as a news source than traditional media, and that the trust gap continues to widen.

CBC/Radio-Canada sites offer a certified fraud-free, highly viewable, and brand safe environment for advertisers who want to reach more than 21 million unique visitors across the country, in both French and English. Using contextual targeting and first party data, advertisers can have peace of mind that their message is being shared with the valuable, targetable consumer segments that they want to reach. With a full slate of digital offerings including; display, video on CBC Gem and TOU.TV, audio, and podcasts, CBC/Radio-Canada is a premium destination for advertisers who value transparency, trust, quality and premium content.


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