New show on ICI TÉLÉ for Spring

New daily game show hosted by Pierre Hébert

Two contestants and the studio audience are asked to answer offbeat questions that play on people's preconceived ideas and perceptions about four guest stars on the set. That's the basic premise behind QUESTION DE JUGEMENT (“Judgment Call”), a new daily game show co-produced by Radio-Canada and KOTV, premiering this spring on ICI TÉLÉ with host Pierre Hébert.

Which celebrity in the studio would be the last person you'd ask to supervise a party of teenagers? Which one would spend $1,000 on their cat's birthday? Who would be most likely to walk into a telephone pole while talking on the phone? Who would lie about their mother being sick to get out of a speeding ticket? Those are the types of questions that the studio audience will have to answer about the guest stars. The contestant who most accurately predicts the audience vote will be named the winner and move on to the final round.

Because the vote is influenced by the public's preconceived views of the guests, the host will be sure to give his four celebrities a good ribbing about them. After each vote, the guests will be asked to comment on the results, which may cast them in a flattering or not-so flattering light! Each show will also include a question based on a situation that actually happened to each guest.

QUESTION DE JUGEMENT, an original, made-in-Quebec concept brought to you by the KOTV team in tandem with host Pierre Hébert, will air on ICI TÉLÉ from Monday to Thursday at 7 p.m., starting this spring.


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