Contextual targeting available on CBC/SRC through GRAPESHOT

Available Now! - Display Inventory CBC & Radio-Canada

Contextual targeting available on CBC/SRC through GRAPESHOT

Contextual Targeting Available through GRAPESHOT powered by Oracle

Available Now! - Display Inventory on CBC & Radio-Canada


Contextual Targeting, or Contextual Intelligence analyzes content and matches it to contextual segments for digital advertising campaigns, providing a brand safety solution for brands, agencies, and publishers.


Cookieless Targeting! Reach the Right Audience at the right time! Reach people when they are actively looking for content. Grapeshot’s page-level, multiterm matching capabilities understands the true context of the page so that clients can accurately align their campaigns to relevant CBC & Radio-Canada content in a privacy-centric manner.


Syndicated targeting/Pre-curated Contextual Categories
Grapeshot's syndicated targeting segments are curated and ready to activate. Some examples include but are not limited to: Auto, Fashion, Health, Back to School, Summer Fun, etc.

Customized Categories
Build segments specifically to the client's brand with transparent customization and fast deployment turn around. Leverage the client's search keywords, list of products, or even competitor's models.

Air Travel Case Study: Spring & Summer 2022 Display Campaign

With the slow return to a normal life and the summer, the Halifax Airport in collaboration with their Airline partners took a head start with a Spring-Summer display campaign destined to a selection of leisure and travel lovers within selected demographics and locations.

It was decided to use one placement CBC-GEM RON excluding unsafe keywords and a second placement CBC-GEM RON excluding unsafe keywords and including leisure and travel related keywords.

Grapeshot targeting resulted in an overall campaign CTR of 137% over the regular benchmark!

Coming Soon - Winter 2022
Syndicated Targeting and Custom Targeting on Video Inventory (CBC)

Future Releases - TBD
We are currently working on extending the technology partnership with Grapeshot on AI-powered Trend targeting, sentiment-based targeting and local language targeting.


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