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As hate speech continues to be an issue on social platforms, many companies are rethinking how they spend their dollars, including some of the largest advertisers in Canada. These companies need to trust that their ads won't be associated with any content conflicting with their brand values when using programmatic systems.

CBC/Radio-Canada is one of the top environments in Canada for digital advertising.

CBC/Radio-Canada is one of the top environments in Canada for digital advertising

To ensure brand safety within its ecosystem, the public broadcaster uses several different technologies within its programmatic offering:

  • Using contextual targeting and first-party data, messages can reach the consumer segments brands want to reach more effectively
  • Machine learning algorithms categorize the available content into targetable consumer segments
  • Contextual Intelligence ensures brand safety and maintains a safe environment for advertisers

As the most trusted media brand in Canada, CBC/Radio-Canada is at the forefront of brand safety, providing a trusted ad inventory within one of the most popular media networks in Canada, spanning TV, radio and digital.

For more information, read the article: CBC/Radio Canada's trifecta – trust, reach and brand safety by Media in Canada.


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