CBC/Radio-Canada implements Key Values to supercharge display inventory with Index Exchange and Oracle Data Cloud

CBC/Radio-Canada inventory is now filtered to enable superior targeting and brand safety, while leveraging Oracle technology to conduct private marketplace deals

TORONTO, May 26, 2020

CBC/Radio-Canada announced today that in partnership with Index Exchange, one of the world's largest independent ad exchanges, all of its desktop and mobile web digital display advertising will now be fed through Index Exchange's Key Values feature. The move effectively allows the passage of custom targeting information (such as first party data) to buyers in real time, creating an even more tailored advertising experience for consumers.

The adoption of the feature was in part due to a desire to ensure the safety of the CBC/Radio-Canada brand when it comes to selling inventory to buyers. “In the journalism industry, brand safety is paramount both to the advertiser brands and the publication, where your reputation as a reliable and trusted source of news is scrutinized on a daily basis. We want to offer a safe space where advertising and journalism can coexist,” said Jeff MacPherson, Director of Monetization Platform and Services at CBC. “Since implementing the feature, we've noticed that buyers who were previously apprehensive to programmatic on our news sites have opened up to the idea.”

CBC/Radio-Canada and Index Exchange have worked together to implement and improve the pubcaster's programmatic capabilities in the private exchange space since day one, with CBC/Radio-Canada having first adopted Index Exchange's header bidding technology for display in 2015 and, as a Canadian first enabling header bidding for video in 2016.

The broadcaster also uses Key Values to make private marketplace deals against custom site data that is filtered through Moat by Oracle Data Cloud's header tags. Moat allows publishers to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and boost revenue by automating ad targeting against viewability, invalid traffic, and brand suitability measurement. Publishers can maximize their capacity to meet and exceed campaign success through greater control over their direct and programmatic inventory.

“With the use of Key Values, we can more effectively generate targeted private-marketplace deals while protecting CBC/Radio-Canada's brand as Canada's national broadcaster,” said Mark Kopera, Head of Product for Moat, Oracle Data Cloud.

“This integration is especially important when you consider COVID-19, which has necessitated, in addition to brand protection, a renewed commitment to transparent transactions between supply-side platforms and those brands,” said Brad Jeffrey, Managing Director for Canada at Index Exchange. “During a time when we rely on the news as trusted sources of information more than ever, driving transparency in the industry has never been more paramount.”

Key Values can ultimately lead to higher CPMs and help publishers expand their PMP revenue stream, in addition to offering demand partners superior targeting. They also benefit publishers in the Open Market. Learn more about Index Exchange's Key Values feature here.

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Source: https://www.indexexchange.com/cbc-radio-canada-implements-key-values-to-supercharge-display-inventory-with-index-exchange-and-oracle-data-cloud/

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