CBC Listen: New digital offerings

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CBC Listen: New digital offerings


60s immersive audio

CBC is the leading podcast publisher in Canada, with over 50 podcasts including a diverse and rich collection of award-winning true crime, comedy, news, politics, and fictional podcasts. CBC reaches a diverse and engaged podcast audience, with an average of 12.8 million downloads per month.*

CBC's audio properties are a great way to create a content experience in a premium environment without the spending that a visual campaign would require. Our brand new 60s immersive audio unit is crafted to connect with listeners beyond the realm of traditional advertising.

Production includes: 60s voice-over, scripted writing, spot producing, and sound design.

Source Comscore Media Metrix® Multi-Platform, Total Audience (desktop 2+, mobile 18+), Average of Monthly Metrics from October-December 2022, Canada; Adobe Analytics, September 11, 2022 – December 17, 2022; Data includes Web & App; Adobe Analytics, Monthly average of Sept-Dec 2022. Hours listened = content time spent; TRiton, Monthly average Jan-March 2023

Magazine Feature

With over 17,486,000 monthly unique visitors, CBC.ca tops the media landscape in time spent on the website. Creating campaigns on CBC.ca means impacting an audience of dedicated readers, who are eager to digest more information.

CBC.ca now offers a new digital magazine feature. A deep-dive storytelling approach combined with a visually rich design creates a profound connection between your story and audiences with a thirst for long-form reading. This feature can be turned around within 4-weeks and includes:

• 1000-word article item
• Custom photography
• Native tile (525k impressions)
• CBC Standard + Premium media 1,720k impressions combined
• Social media 509k impressions, CBC Apple News 425k impressions

Research Department
Source: Comscore Media Metrix® Multi-Platform, Total Audience (desktop 2+, mobile 18+), Average of Monthly Unique Visitors/Viewers from October-December 2022 Canada. Vividata Winter 2023 Survey of the Canadian Consumer, A18+, visited CBC.ca in the past month


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