Sports are Back on ICI Télé

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Sports are Back on ICI Télé

Sports are making a comeback on ICI Télé, creating a unique opportunity to bring Canadians closer to their favourite athletes outside of the Olympic Games. World-renowned events promise an exciting experience.

Catherine Dupont, Catherine Dupont, Senior Director of Sports and Olympic Production at Radio-Canada


In this interview, Catherine Dupont, Senior Director of Sports and Olympic Production at Radio-Canada, shares her inspiring vision and the unique opportunities offered by this new programming.

What impact will the return of sports on ICI Télé have for the Canadian audience?

The return of sports on ICI Télé will have a significant impact on the Canadian audience. It will provide a unique opportunity to follow and support our athletes throughout the year. Viewers will have the chance to become more familiar with the athletes who inspired them during the Olympics by sharing their stories and successes. This proximity will make the audience feel more connected and engaged in the athletes' sporting journey and inspire a future generation of athletes. Ultimately, sports have the power to bring individuals together, creating an engaged and supportive community.

What will the new sports programming consist of?

The new sports programming on ICI Télé will be diverse and captivating, featuring disciplines that are not commonly broadcasted elsewhere in Canada. Events will include World Aquatic Championships, World Athletics Championships, Figure Skating Grand Prix, World Gymnastics Championships, Pan American Games and World Cup events in Alpine Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, Long Track Speed Skating and Short Track Speed Skating. These competitions are closely tied to the Olympics, providing an opportunity to discover athletes who excel in these disciplines. The programming will showcase their progress, enabling viewers to support them and follow their performances throughout the year.

Why should potential advertisers and partners seize this unique opportunity to promote their brand during the broadcast of these sports events on ICI Télé?

Sports events broadcasted on ICI Télé offer an exceptional opportunity for advertisers and potential partners to promote their brand. By associating themselves with these world-renowned competitions, advertisers can benefit from extended visibility and reach a captive and passionate audience. Broadcasting these competitions offers an ideal platform for boosting brand visibility, building credibility, and creating an emotional connection with viewers. The sporting events featured are solid values that attract an engaged audience.

To reach a captive and passionate audience.


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