Unique to CBC/Radio-Canada, this responsive format guarantees excellent visibility for your ad by taking up the top half of the screen (up to 600 pixels), regardless of the device used.



The Half-Page format is produced by our in-house teams.

100% commercial creative – no restrictions.

Must comply with CBC/Radio-Canada Advertising Standards and IAB standards.

Static concept
Concept with simple animation
Complex concept



Submit your production request and related material to your sales rep.

Please provide the following IN PSD FORMAT WITH LAYERS (Photoshop or Illustrator file with isolated elements):


Provide the three main ratios:

  • 2:1 (1200x600 px) desktop
  • 4:1 (1200x300 px) tablet
  • 1:1 (1200x1200 px) mobile


Ratios Demi-page Radio-Canada

Ratios Demi-page Radio-Canada



  • Separate graphics (working files) with sufficient resolution to cover 1200x1200 px
  • Creative brief or mock-up describing your concept


Production deadlines vary depending on the complexity of the creative.

Static concept: 4 business days upon receipt of material

Concept with simple animation: 7 business days upon receipt of material

Complex concept: TBD


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