Lower-Thirds - Television

Technical Specifications for Lower-Third and Lower-Third video


- A lower-third is a graphic placed in the lower area of the screen during a broadcast.
- The length is 10 seconds.
- Approval of the text and visuals required by Radio-Canada and the SRC reserves the right to refuse a concept.
- No overflowing beyond the zone.
- A maximum of 3 animations.

The lower-third must be in a "FULL HD" composition:

  • 1920 x 1080, 30 frames per second
  • The maximum creative area is 1500 pixels wide x 140 pixels maximum height

You must provide the following three formats:

  • Quicktime with Alpha Animation (final format)
  • 32-bit Targa sequence with Alpha compressed in .zip (working file)
  • H264 for reference viewing Quicktime (reference format)

The inputs and outputs must be made with a transition (example: fade in, fade out). No audio.

Booking period and production: 2 weeks minimum before the diffusion.

Delivery time if produced by the customer: 5 working days


Lower-Third video

The Lower-Third with video can only be produced by Radio-Canada.

You must provide the following elements:

  • Final text
  • Images in .eps
  • Video footage in Quicktime
  • Animation and other creative information

Booking period and production: 2 weeks minimum before the diffusion.



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