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Vox Pop9 episodes, 30 minutes* Host: André Robitaille The first vox pops, archived in ICI Radio-Canada's vaults, are of inestimable sociological value. Now, decades later, André Robitaille takes his mike to the street again to ask passers-by questions on the same subjects. Warm, mocking, full of curiosity, our host has a gift for eliciting unexpected, touching and funny personal anecdotes. The stories from then and now are a tremendous mirror reflecting our values, our concerns, our problems and our hopes. Have we changed at all? A little or a lot? Do we still say the same things as the men and women going about their business in the '60s? On each show, a celebrity is asked to comment on a subject after watching old interviews. Examples: Dominique Michel: “Should a woman wear a miniskirt at 40?” Louis Morissette: “Are you for or against fighting in hockey?” Marc Cassivi: “Do we have a homegrown cinema?” Patrice Roy: “What's your main source of news?” Vox Pop brings several generations together on screen. The present responds to the past. The past questions the present. Together we continue the conversation. That's the great value of this wonderful, unique concept. *Subject to change without notice.​​​​

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