• Comedy
  • Season 1
  • 10 episodes X 30 minutes

In 2016, Jacques Hamelin, played by Guy Nadon, has become the fourth president of an independent Quebec. He’s facing all kinds of challenges, but one of the main ones is that 25 years after its acrimonious separation from Canada, the Quebec nation is still debating its identity: Should it go back to being part of Canada? Over 150 years after the British North America Act, after decades of constitutional wrangling and despite the establishment of a sovereign state, it seems as though the debate has simply been flipped on its head. Is there some way to turn things around? President Hamelin and his advisors are convinced that the key to the conundrum lies in finding a cause Quebecers can rally to, but what should it be? At the same time, they have to navigate the ups and downs of their public and private lives, rows within government ranks and family problems, not to mention pressure from the media, and Quebec’s relations with other countries, including Canada, of course, and another, rather unpleasant neighbour.


Guy Nadon, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Roger Léger, Geneviève Schmidt, Claude Despins, Simon Beaulé-Bulman, Dominic Paquet and Richardson Zéphir


Ricardo Trogi and Daniel Savoie


Ricardo Trogi


Pascal Bascaron, Louis Morissette and Alain Chicoine


Winter 2021


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