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At its core, “Cirque Alfonse” is the story of a local family that’s dreaming of brotherhood and freedom!

With roots in the forests of Quebec’s Lanaudière region and drawing on the Carabinier clan’s imagination for inspiration, “Cirque Alfonse” brings home-grown culture to Austria, England and Australia, taking us on a journey into a universe of emotions, traditions, roadblocks and challenges. Led by circus artist Antoine Carabinier, the clan members have created their own numbers and performed them all over the world, starting with Timber!, the family show that first brought them international acclaim, followed by Barbu, the wacky cabaret show with an electronic folk beat. This new documentary series sheds light on the troupe’s trials and tribulations as they set out to conquer the circus world. Follow this unique, charming and inspiring clan as they create their new show Tabarnak.


Winter 2020


Friday 4:30 AM


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