• Factual
  • Season 5
  • 60 minutes

Starting on April 18, Jean-Philippe Wauthier is back at studio 43 to accompany your end of summer evenings

Each day, he welcomes three guests on the show in warm, friendly setting. Whether they're men or women, queer or non-gendered, actors or athletes, singers or mayoresses, hosts or comedians, dancers, writers or filmmakers, Jean-Philippe is curious and wants to know what makes them tick. His interviews focus on their newsworthy achievements but also, and most importantly, on their passions, interests and opinions. Joined all summer long by the Twenty-Nines (Julie Lamontagne and Tony Albino), Jean-Philippe provides a stage for homegrown singers, songwriters and bands to deliver musical performances. Some regular sidekicks also pay him a visit, never missing an opportunity to stir up trouble on the set! Expect the unexpected…


Jean-Philippe Wauthier


Spring-Summer 2023


Monday to Thursday, 9 PM


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