CBC Listen is home to the English-language broadcaster’s full radio offering.

Listeners can tune in directly to all of Radio One’s stations, and can access audio content from the CBC’s 37 radio stations from coast to coast. CBC Listen also contains carefully curated musical content from CBC Music’s five stations and 60 online stations, with more than 140,000 songs and hundreds of concerts available for on-demand streaming. Its extensive musical library covers the full spectrum from classical to jazz, hip hop to folk, bossa nova to pop, EDM and more. For plugged-in listeners nationwide, CBC Listen is the destination of choice for keeping up with Canada’s music scene.


downloads per month
+ 5M
downloads per month (2020 vs. 2021)
growth in CBC Podcasts listeners

Source: Triton, Apple * Based on average monthly downloads Sept-Nov 2019 compared to Sept – Nov 2020


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