World Without News

Have you heard of World Without News?

Have you heard of World Without News?

It's a study Newsworks conducted with a 9-month exploration of the UK News landscape. Their initial questions were, “what is the value of news brands?” and “what are the implications for advertisers?”

During the study, Newsworks confirmed that News matters to a growing number of media consumers. Although the pandemic has heightened that need, it existed before the crisis and it still exists now.


News was considered essential by most of the participants in the study:


of the sample agree that they appreciate and value journalism more since the Coronavirus pandemic, and that number grows to


for Under 35s.

News matters to consumers because it helps them to meet a number of key goals:


The need to situate ourselves compared to what's going on in the world.


The need to understand the world to keep us on track and avoid danger.


The need for entertainment and distraction.


The need to get ahead, to gain an advantage in life.


The need to understand what an event means, to make sense of it and to place it in its proper context.


The need for a shared experience with others, feel part of the nation and have common reference points.

Because of this, news brands present an opportunity for brands to advertise in an environment where people are Calibrating, Thriving, and Connecting. News brands also deliver on the sweet spot of both facts and opinion.

News brands offer a significant opportunity for advertisers if the advertiser can align with the consumer's goals.


That's why CBC/Radio-Canada and its top-notch national and local news services are essential to the development of Canadians. Our advertising partners can therefore reach their target in a healthy, reliable and recognized environment.

For more information, check out the report.


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