Usually consisting of three or four spots, this format gives advertisers an original way to partner with the evening's programming lineup.



As this format is subject to a number of protocols, it's strongly recommended that you allow our in-house teams to handle production.

Duration: 15 or 30 sec.

The format can include a brandsell spot and/or call to action.

The spot must clearly identify the advertiser as presenting the entire evening lineup and not each show individually — a privilege reserved for sponsors.

Each spot includes a supered evening lineup listing the names and airtimes of the presented shows. No audio mention of the shows is allowed.

No program visuals may be used. However, reference may be made to a show with the producers' approval.

The show in which the spot airs is highlighted in the list so that viewers just tuning in know where they are in the lineup.

Current affairs programs and/or Téléjournal newscasts can be part of the evening lineup.




Radio-Canada template

Aligned with ICI TÉLÉ branding, this layout creates a stronger connection with programming.

Custom template

Advertisers can choose a lineup option that reflects their campaign.




Submit your production request and related material to your sales rep. A production estimate will be issued.

Production turnaround times

  • At least 10 business days upon receipt of material.


What we need from you

  • Your preference for the voiceover (male/female voice, tone).
  • Your script OR creative brief (if you want us to handle the writing).
  • Visuals (logos, graphics, videos, fonts) per our technical specifications.
  • If your product falls into one of the following categories — Food, Alcoholic Beverages, Health Products or Cosmetics — approval by Advertising Standards Canada (Ad Standards) may be required if the script contains product claims.



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