... And the adventure continues for ICI Radio-Canada Télé, Télé-Québec, and V

Ménage à 3

July 16, 2015 – The bold new advertising partnership MÉNAGE À 3, has proven so successful that V, ICI Radio-Canada Télé et Télé-Québec announced today that the adventure will continue into the 2015–16 season. So it will remain easy and convenient to reach a wider high-quality audience in today's fragmented advertising market.

MÉNAGE À 3 has expanded its original offer, and now welcomes special requests with open arms.

The plan lets advertisers air a spot simultaneously on all three networks in a strategic primetime slot – 7 p.m. The commercial leads into programs that help share each network's personality and are very popular with a loyal, complementary audience base. Programs available with the plan include the hit shows 30 vies, Génial!, and Les Détestables! This unprecedented offer is available immediately to advertisers in 4-, 8- or 12-week media plans.

To demonstrate their openness and personalize the plan, your three networks have also now made tailored campaigns an option.

“We understand that advertisers need the flexibility to play around with media opportunities to give their commercials a unique flair, so we're proud to now expand the plan and offer a personalized approach to MÉNAGE À 3 that's tailored to advertiser objectives,” says Reneault Poliquin, Executive Director, Multiplatform Sales, Montreal and Eastern Canada, at CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions.

“The three networks' 2015–16 lineups do honour to our conventional TV medium, and they also deliver a distinctive, high-quality environment,” adds Marie-Pier Mailhot, General Manager, Sales, Creativity, and Marketing for Télé-Québec. “With that in mind, Télé-Québec remains a committed partner in this unparalleled creative plan that's aligned now more than ever with the challenges facing our advertisers.”

“This ground-breaking partnership clearly helps us put our market power to work for advertisers. The success MÉNAGE À 3 has experienced since we rolled it out in fall 2014 is proof positive that strategy and a daring approach can go hand in hand,” says V's National Sales Director Claude Champagne.

The MÉNAGE À 3, adventure is a bold offer from three major TV networks that's designed to help you achieve your business objectives. For further details, please contact your advertising consultant.

Reneault Poliquin

Executive Director
Multiplatform Sales
Montreal and Eastern Canada

Claude Champagne

National Sales Director

Marie-Pier Mailhot

General Manager
Sales, Creativity
and Marketing