Strategic Milk Alliance



The Strategic Milk Alliance launched their “Milk Every Moment” campaign in the Summer of 2013 and were looking to keep the campaign running throughout 2014 with some fresh content for their flagship content hub at


creative solution

Working with CBC, “Snack Masters” was created. A country crossing web-series featuring culinary rockstars from across the country, making their favourite foods that best paired with a cold glass of milk hosted by Steven & Chris’ baking expert, Kyla Eaglesham. 

CBC produced a six-part series featuring 19 different recipes paired milk with foods from six different categories: Cookies, Sandwiches, Cake, Spicy Food, Cheese and Peanut Butter. To accompany the video web-series, CBC also provided key photography assets for 

Steven & Chris helped elevate the social media experience by promoting the series through posts. Kyla also appeared on Steven and Chris for an integrated cooking segment where she baked her favourite milk pairing, butter tarts.


The content aired across CBC and non-CBC assets with rights to the content available throughout 2015 and the “Milk Every Moments” won a Bronze at the Cassies.


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