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A North-American first, the partnership has already seen success through adoption by IPG Mediabrands

May 8, 2018 - CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions announced today the culmination of a partnership with NeverCryWolf Inc. (NCW), to automate the public broadcaster's management of TV broadcast traffic instructions through NCW's cloud-based service. The partnership began in the Fall of 2016. NCW's Cloud Traffic service provides a fully automated way for an advertiser's TV commercials to be assigned to spots in CBC & Radio-Canada's schedule, eliminating the risk of client-to-broadcaster misinterpretation or mis-application of instructions. This is a first in the North American TV marketplace, which has relied on highly manual, non-standardized processes for this critical function... This new solution eliminates most constraints on managing changes by advertisers, and reduces greatly human error possibilities.

“The industry is in need of a revolution,” says Andrea Laton, Sr. Director of Strategic Operations at CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions. “Until now, the only technological change over the past 40 years to how broadcasters manage Canadian TV traffic instructions was the transition from fax to email – over 15 years ago. Through our partnership with NCW, advertisers can now send their traffic instructions through secure, fully-auditable, cloud-based software, which standardizes the information we need, assigns commercials directly to our schedule, and automatically identifies any discrepancies upfront. We are excited that CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions is taking a leadership role as the marketplace evolves and TV technology continues to change.”

“We are very proud to partner with CBC/Radio-Canada on this automation initiative,” says Wally Oakes, CEO of NCW. “Applying the latest cloud-based technology to this critical function in the TV business simplifies an archaic and highly manual workflow which is long overdue. And Cloud Traffic represents an absolutely crucial, foundational component for realizing the full benefits of advanced TV initiatives coming to market. By offering the industry a modern, agile service, marketers, agencies and media owners will be better positioned to realize more value in the marketplace.”

In February 2017, CBC/Radio-Canada and NCW began working with Mediabrands on a pilot project. The results have been outstanding. “We are thrilled to support these efforts to automate, to be more efficient, and to streamline our process. This will result in less errors and less media discrepancies, ultimately helping us deliver superior results for our clients”, Trish Shorter, Director, Broadcast, Traffic and Talent, IPG Mediabrands.

Over the next year, CBC/Radio-Canada is looking forward to increased use of NCW Cloud Traffic by its agency partners, working with NCW on further technological development, and an expanded scope with the company. NCW is actively working with other major media owners to leverage the benefits of Cloud Traffic for their advertisers.