In Quebec, insurance is generally considered to be a necessary evil. Therein lay the challenge – what could belairdirect do to make Quebecers develop an emotional bond with its brand?

Quebec is known for having its own star system, and Quebecers are very attached to homegrown television shows. Associating the brand with iconic made-in-Quebec TV content therefore emerged as the ideal strategy to win over Quebecers.

A partnership was developed with Les enfants de la télé, one of the most-watched shows on TV that fall. 30-second clips and 15-second billboards were also produced with visuals from Radio-Canada's archives, in an effort to spark nostalgia in consumers with a touch of humour.

The results were definitive – goodwill for belairdirect shot up to 67%, and 70% of viewers remembered the spot. Those figures are far higher than the standard percentages in that category. The campaign also created a buzz on the Web, thanks to unsolicited sharing by Quebec celebrities.

The partnership helped belairdirect surpass its objectives significantly and, most important, the company won a place in Quebecers' hearts.​​​​